I bought the silver car in 1996 and for many years just kept it running. Eventually, I had the original L28 rebuilt, a roll-cage built-in, and many other race-prep changes.

In 2005, after 2 years racing with bolted on, custom fender flares, I had the car repainted and the fenders molded into the body. It turned out fantastic. Late in 2005 I broke my L28 motor in a race at TWS. I put in an RB26DETT.

With that first car more or less done, in 2008 I began building a new Z (2.0) that is a completely custom tube-framed carbon-fiber track car.

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Owner: Mark Rolston

Car:   1971 Datsun 240Z


Weight:  <2500lbs

Power:  >702 rw hp  

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Photos and stories of building, 
modifying, and racing my first ZZ-Blog/Z-Blog.htmlZ-Blog/Z-Blog.html
A new story- building a second Z from the ground up with no compromises- Z 2.0New_Z_Blog/New_Z_Blog.htmlNew_Z_Blog/New_Z_Blog.html
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Z 2.0 BlogNew_Z_Blog/New_Z_Blog.html
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